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Why Libraries Should Care About RSS?

Having an RSS feed for the library’s site is extremely useful for those libraries that want to provide up to date information about events at the library, news that may be of interest to their patrons and other interesting posts. … Continue reading

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RSS Aggregators & Library Blogs

It was interesting reading through the five blogs we were required to subscribe to as well as finding some library blogs on my own to follow.  For the five required blogs I found Librarian By Day to be by far … Continue reading

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Twitter and Libraries

I personally love Twitter and use it all the time to keep up with book related news such as new releases, upcoming releases, what’s going on in the publishing arena, etc.  I think libraries can also make great use out … Continue reading

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Working online and on teams

I have to admit I love working online and that was one of the main reasons I was really excited to see that the post-MLIS certificate program was completely online based. There are the practical reasons such as not wanting … Continue reading

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Libraries on Social Media

I am a huge fan of social media and especially blogging and Twitter so I get really excited when I see someone or some organization that I love has created a blog or signed up for Twitter.  The disappointing part … Continue reading

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Dealing With Negative Feedback Online

Reading the various articles about how companies manage their online image has been fascinating but in particular I really enjoyed this blog post from a senior librarian at the National University of Singapore.  The level of proactiveness he takes in … Continue reading

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LIBR246 Exercise 1-Huggies Online

So being a mom who has to shell out a whole lot of money each year on diapers I decided to see what sort of online presence Huggies has.  Up until now my main experience with them has been buying … Continue reading

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