Does LinkedIn Help Find You a Job?

Since the company I worked with announced quite a large number of layoffs to come I’ve heard LinkedIn mentioned a lot as people are buzzing about where to find jobs to apply for.  I created an account quite awhile ago but never really added much information to it and rarely logged into it.  I decided it was time to beef up my profile by updating my resume, adding skills, etc.  Then I read this article about how LinkedIn can fire up your career for class.  As I was reading (and as is pointed out later in the article) LinkedIn sounds great if you are in particular industries like high tech but I wondered if it was useful in the library industry?

I finished my MLIS back in 2005 and worked a two year stint in a pharmaceutical corporate library.  Most of the company was laid off and so far I had no luck finding a job within a public library so I returned to my high tech job.  Since then I’ve tried applying for various librarian positions but always receive the “Thank you for applying but due to the high number of applicants…” email.  Now I am sure there is a standard rejection email that gets sent out but from what I see on various forums there do seem to be a lot of aspiring librarians out there job hunting.  So in this type of industry does LinkedIn really help?

From my limited experience being back on LinkedIn it would seem that the main area of benefit is the Discussion Groups.  Maybe if you are active in the forums and gain some recognition in the group it could help if you apply for a job and are recognized for your level of expertise in the field.  Unfortunately I have not had as much time as I had hoped to spend on these forums to really see if this is true or not.

What do you think?  Are there ways to utilize LinkedIn to help in the job search for aspiring librarians?

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