LIBR246 Exercise 1-Huggies Online

So being a mom who has to shell out a whole lot of money each year on diapers I decided to see what sort of online presence Huggies has.  Up until now my main experience with them has been buying their diapers, hunting for coupons for their diapers and calling their customer support twice (which by the way both times I received wonderful service!).

Being a huge Twitter fan that is where I first went to search.  While they do have a presence on Twitter I personally did not find it all that engaging.  They have a Twitter account, @Huggies, which as they state in their profile “Responses monitored and updated by Huggies® PR team.”  As I browsed through their Twitter stream it seemed to be composed mainly of questions put out there to hopefully generate some buzz about the Huggies brand.  There were a few responses to tweets that talked about Huggies but for the most part I didn’t see much interaction with customers.

I also found @Huggies_UK which is the Huggies UK team and they seem to be more interactive and responding to customer’s complaints. They also ask the interactive questions like the US Huggies Twitter folks but I liked that they add a little personal touch at times with tweets like “Hi it’s Amelia.When I was small,my mum was horrified that after a day of shopping I’d smuggled toys into my buggy!Has this happened to you?”  It makes me feel like there is a real person on the other end rather than a computer just spitting out random questions.

From Twitter I decided to move onto Facebook and that seems to be where the US team handles most of their customer interaction.  The Huggies team seems very proactive in “Like”ing people’s comments or responding to comments that people left on their wall.  The comments people leave run the gamut from complaining about problems they have had with the diapers, how much they love the diapers, asking about coupons, promotions and their rewards program.

One of the latest promotions Huggies has run was their “Squirmy Baby Round-Up”.  Their ads showcasing videos of the different types of squirmy babies like the acrobutt or the leap frog are adorable to watch and something every parent can relate to.  They took the concept a step further by creating a campaign on where people can submit videos of their own squirmy baby and possibly be showcased on their Round-Up site.  In addition they ran a promotion that if you sent in a video of your squirmy baby you could receive a free packet of diapers.  For parents with kids this is like gold and I read about the promotion on numerous blogs.

I think this promotion utilizing Facebook, YouTube and finding an idea that is so cute people can’t help sharing is great at building relationships with their customers.  Their prompt response and willingness to help those who complain about their diapers also helps to retain customers.  I know after my bad experience with Huggies diapers I was totally turned off but the wonderful customer service from them convinced me to give them another try and I have to admit being a very happy Huggies customer now and as you can see from their Facebook wall comments I’m not the only one.

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One Response to LIBR246 Exercise 1-Huggies Online

  1. Binh Tran says:

    It’s really interesting how Huggies seems to do a great job about promoting their product and also building a good online relationship with their customers. Not a lot of companies do such a great job of developing such a good and indepth online presence.

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