Weaknesses of Social Tagging of Content

It seems like any type of social media you use these days has some sort of tagging option to help make the content easier to find and categorize.  I am often at a loss of what tags to add to my blog posts and whether or not I should add a hashtag to a tweet on Twitter.  The main cause of my dilemma is that as far as I know there is no defined set of tags that covers every subject.  Therefore since different people may describe a topic using different tags it’s hard to think of what is the best tag to use.

For example, when I write a book review blog post I will usually tag it with the author’s name, the title of the book and the publisher.  Then I debate should I add a genre tag?  Is the book considered a dystopia or science-fiction?  Both? Should I add the main characters names?  Where do you stop because does it really make sense to flood your post with tags?  I recently read an article about SEO and they mentioned the Google AdWords Tool for looking up keywords and seeing how many searches used that keyword.  It seems like that would be useful in selecting keywords but I would have to take a closer look at it.

Either way there is no guarantee every author of a post will use keywords or use them in the same manner you may think of a topic so this could prove difficult when trying to find information about a certain topic.

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One Response to Weaknesses of Social Tagging of Content

  1. Hi Debbie,
    I couldn’t agree more with you. It’s very difficult trying to come up with tags that can describe everything that’s covered in the information that you’re posting. I find that if I use tags that are too general, they could retrieve information that has nothing to do with what I posted. On the flipside, if the tag is too specific, the information retrieved is too little. I really like how you mentioned the website that helps you tag items. I’m going to give it a look and test out some of their results maybe the tags they provide will be better than the ones I choose. This was a great post and I look forward to reading more in the future.

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