Citation Linker Tutorial

I watched the video for the Citation Linker on the SJSU library website.  I thought it was well done.  I though it was extremely well done.  The person speaking was very clear, the pacing was done well and the step by step tutorial was well laid out.  I also appreciated that they included the various ways of contacting the library if the user has any questions.

The only down side I saw with this video was the tone was rather bland and monotone.  There really was no inflection in the speaker’s voice and I find that when a presentation is giving in a relatively flat, monotone voice I start to space out instead of paying attention.

At just around four minutes long I think the length was ideal.  I initially started off listening to a teacher feature video on the Moreau Catholic High School’s library site but at almost 14 minutes long I felt it went on for far too much time.  It’s hard to sit there and listen for that length of time.

Overall, the Citation Tracker video was great in covering the content in a concise, easy to follow manner and in a window of time that keeps the user’s interest.

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2 Responses to Citation Linker Tutorial

  1. rupalivora says:

    I agree with you that it is very well laid out video with detailed information but in my opinion it gives lots of extra information besides linking citation to the article. It actually talks about locating the article online, print or by interlibrary loan which should have been another short video.

  2. Amanda Heath says:

    Yes I agree with the quality of the video. The recording looks professional and the directions were clear. It’s funny that you mention the monotone voice. I think that when people consciously slow down their speaking pace when making tutorials and sometimes even presentations that the voice becomes less interesting in the process. I’ve noticed that issue with other tutorials as well. I’ll have to keep that in mind for assignment 5.

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