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Twitter Screencast

Here is a introduction to Twitter tutorial I put together. Introduction to Twitter It goes over the basics of writing a tweet, following a user and searching hash tags.  I found it extremely hard to create this tutorial and it … Continue reading

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Citation Linker Tutorial

I watched the video for the Citation Linker on the SJSU library website.  I thought it was well done.  I though it was extremely well done.  The person speaking was very clear, the pacing was done well and the step … Continue reading

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Building an Active Community & Dealing With Anonymous Users

As a book blogger who has struggled to create a more interactive blog I can tell you that building an active community is not an easy task.  One obvious statistic that many will look at even if it may not … Continue reading

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Move from Expert Wisdom to Crowd Wisdom

I found this week’s readings fascinating and had to go through all the articles about group think, wisdom, etc.  It makes sense that if you put together a diverse group of people who are applying their expertise and providing a … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing-Nicole Purviance

I watched the recording of Nicole Purviance’s session about social media marketing and found it fascinating and actually learned surprising new facts.  When she first presented that globally internet users average about 5.4 hours per month on social networking sites … Continue reading

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Barriers to Internal Collaboration

In my experience collaboration across an organization is often a difficult proposition especially in these days where teams can be divided across buildings, cities or even as far as in different countries. One barrier to collaboration is physical location.  In … Continue reading

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Library Marketing Critique

Utilizing social media is not an easy feat and for libraries who are constantly under budget constraints and may be short on resources they need to plan on the best ways to reach their patrons.  For this marketing critique I … Continue reading

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